What current program participants have to say:

 A year ago I was afraid to confront my fears, traumas, and heartbreaks. Fear that the emotions and memories would overwhelm me and wouldn’t be able to function kept me from healing. After working with Jill and doing the Solid Ground program not only am I happier but I also have the skills and strength to face the pain I have been carrying for forty-eight years. Thank you Jill!

- Alica McKenna Johnson, Author http://alicamckennajohnson.com 

I was having panic attacks daily and felt like I was in a huge hole trying to get out. Out of everyone standing there watching me a few offered meek ropes, but Jill made a plan and got the big rope for me to climb. What I appreciated most about the process is the raw emotion and honesty. The program really helps build trust. Jill is amazing to work with and really helps you get through the emotions and process them. 

-Jessica B.


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